Sunday, January 20, 2008

Retail Therapy Is Great

Hubby has been really busy with work, school and before school starts his grandpa was in the hospital. Life have been pretty busy for us thus no time for me or the puppy. I'm been deprived of shopping because I don't like to go shopping alone. Yesterday we were getting ready to go out and eat but ended up going on a service call because a station broke down. By the time we came home it was almost 3pm therefore we decided that we will go out for dinner. After dinner we were both extremely full so I suggest that we go to the store and walk around a little which I enjoyed very much but it cost us some dough..*wink* the best part was hubby decided to play with the Internet on the phone so he didn't even care what I took..*nyek nyek nyek*

Damage #1: Two Ralph Lauren sweater, a pair of Baby Phat's tights and a pair of Nine West pumps. Two Ralph Lauren top for a friend's son.
Today hubby had to do finish his quizzes but I had urge to go to the mall because I'm actually looking for a pair of Jeans therefore after he was done I suggest that we go to the mall to walk around. I didn't manage to find any jeans but we managed to do buy a ton of clothing. We walked just half of the mall but we thought we might as well stop before we do anymore damage to our bank account.

Damage #2: Me: Old Navy dress, sweater, and turtle neck. A pair of express pants. Gap sweater. Hubby: Old Navy-two pairs of pants, 3 polo tee and a long sleeves top.

Those were the damage done this weekend. I think my urge to shop is full filled for the mean time unless I manage to find a nice pair of jeans *roll eyes*.. Another thing I found out is when I go shopping next time I should ask hubby to take the phone and play online then I he would be good while I go look around..LOL..That's another way to make hubby not get bored that's all..


shern's mom said...


so many new clothings. ralph lauren on BIG BIG sale??
RL are crazy exp here, something i'll buy for hubs, but not for myself. you see, i'm such a nice wife right. hahaa..

Sunshine said...

Ralph lauren sometimes will have decent sale. Even in the factory outlet is not that great of a sale. I love ralph lauren but I stingy to buy them so I'll treat myself to it once in a while.
I think you buy for shern shern also..u must treat ur self to some good things once in a while. Can be frugal but then must be nice to our selves also right? I think I buy less non designer clothing then can spend on better yeahh..LOL

sam said...

WTF? Please, cleanse the gene pool and off yourself. Sure, the economy might suffer, but I can deal with that.

I am always amazed at how shallow humanity can be.


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