Tuesday, January 8, 2008


When hubby and I first decided/just got married I thought I was actually rushing into marriage. Apart of me didn't think that I was ready to be married. Marriage is a big deal for some people and their whole lives changes after they get married but for me I still feel the same apart from the fact that I tell people he's my husband instead of boyfriend. I have to learn to keep the book work equal, make sure we are not spending too much and we are saving enough, all those household responsibility. The only drastic change I encounter was daddy and mummy is not responsible for me financially anymore..sob sob..
But as years comes more and more people I know has either gotten married or engaged. I found out that some people got registered after a couple of months they have been together or planning to get married within the couple of months they are together. I had this feeling that I was rushing into my marriage therefore I'm just wondering what is actually going thru their head. Aren't they worried that because they barely know each other things might not work out. I mean look at Pamela Anderson; granted she got married within a couple of days after she met that dude but it makes me freak out to think about it. The last I heard is there is 50% divorce rate in the US. I think the rates is going up in other countries too. Some people might tell me so what if you know someone for a long time but they still get divorce. I know they do but I feel like the chances of that is lesser than jumping into a marriage to a person you barely know. I don't know maybe I'm old school but I really do hope that marriages lasts longer and people just don't think getting married quick and getting a divorce quick. Although I am not expert and I haven't been married long so who knows what will happen in the future but this rushing into marriage thingy just made me ponder about this topic.
*This post is absolutely NOT for my friend who just got engaged so KHM do not think I'm talking about you :P

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