Friday, February 1, 2008


Dad is quite interested in sports and seeing that he’s living in Malaysia a country used to be ruled by British; he’s quite interested in Rugby games. I came across RBS 6 an official website for European international tournament. The offer a variety of interesting things such as list of tournament news, fixtures and results, interactive games and podcasts sections for six nations fans. The six nations that are in this website is England, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales and Scotland. I should inform daddy about this website so that he can browse around during his free time (seeing that he’s retired) and click around the website. He can also tell his friends about it and they can play the interactive games together. I think he’s going to have so much fun with this website. I just hope he don’t spend an mass amount of time here that he neglects doing his other chores to help mummy out around the house LOL.

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