Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feeling much better..

I’m on the road to feeling better. When I posted about finding peace in me it wasn’t because I am having PMS it was because there were a lot of office politics going on in my work place that I had to deal with. I came home and talked to hubby and also listed to some Buddhist talks from Ajahn Brahm. I first got hold of some disc from my parents and listened to it. He’s not like any monk that wants you to believe that Buddhism is the best and you have to believe in it etc..I like his talks and it calms me down. He talks about a lot of general stuff but with meaning that helps me stay more peaceful. Even hubby that freaks out about religions because they always force people believing that one religion is more superior like Ajahn Brahm. I am really glad that my parents introduce me to listening to him because it really helped me a great deal in dealing with my office matter now it would only help me control my bad temper I think it’ll be perfect but it’s all in me and I have to deal with it myself.

I might not be able to go to Texas for my SIL’s wedding because I’ve not worked in this company long enough and my manger thinks that I’m still training. She also mentioned that I’ve already taken two days off in my short period of time working here. The first time I had to take off was because I was really sick and the second time was because I had my immigration stuff to deal with. It’s no excuses and I understand her point of view so if she doesn’t approve my vacation I understand but yet I cannot help being disappointed. I have my fingers cross hoping we can work something out and to make matter more complicating my team leader is quitting and he last day is this Friday so it’s going to be really busy within my department and I’m supposed to be helping but I’m hoping that she would allow me to do what I need to do whatever the weekend before and after I get back. Sometimes things aren’t just how its planned I assume.


Sass said...

hope things are better for u now.

i never see u online anymore we need to catch up!

Sunshine said...

YES!!I get so tired after work.Seldom come online..Hope u are feeling better too..


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