Thursday, February 7, 2008

Extra money for the New Year

Hubby and I love to spend money. After having a little puppy we not only spend money on ourselves but I love to buy things for the puppy too. We just gave the little fellow a hair cut and since its winter here I am planning on buying him a jacket/sweatshirt. Before his teacher and ever one else said that Stanley didn’t need any jacket because he has thick fur and he is not cold when he goes outside but since his fur is really short now I would like to buy him a one for when we go on long walks in case he gets cold outside. There is a website a blogging website out there that allows you to blog there. It is also a website that has video sharing and you can win gift cash and prizes for their weekly contest. How cool is that sharing you web video and having a chance to win money or prize. I should take this opportunity to try to earn more money.

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