Saturday, February 23, 2008

Going on a date

When I first met my hubby let's just say that he was not very experience in going out with girls. It's not that he hasn't had girlfriends before but I think he was not just one of the guys like you would see in the movies. The very first time we went out we went to McDonalds for dinner. How romantic huh and I'll never let him forget that..LOL but now he's so much better than he was when I first went out with him.
Last weekend I was bored staying home and was getting hungry. I suggested to hubby "let's go pak toh [Cantonese] (go on a date)". He said how do you want to go pak toh? Go for dinner, walk around and watch a movie? I don't really like to watch movies in the cinema for some reason therefore we don't really go to the cinema. I told him we'll go for dinner and walk around after that but we'll just skip the movie part. Knowing that I don't really care to go to the cinema he was fine with it. So after dinner at a Mexican restaurant we went shopping because that's a good way to burn some calories. We ended up with these purchases:

Kitchenaid stand mixer
Black and Decker food processor

We've been wanting the mixer for a long time because it's like one of the best out there and since I like baking so much hubby thinks that it'll go to good use and it's suppose to last forever. I also made a chocolate chip cheesecake the same day when he heard my old cheap hand mixer didn't sound too energize I would say and he suggested that we should get it now. He's so excited about it that he said that I had to make something this weekend. He said that he will operate the mixer just let him help. The mixer is really heavy and I am really looking forward to using it but I'll let hubby play with it first since he's really excited about it.
I've been wanting a food processor for a long time. I use to have a small food processor that my sis's friend gave me when she left the country. It was cheaper and it didn't really work anymore. I was trying to chop up some meat one day and the meat just went round and round and round and wouldn't chop up so I decided that it was time to go in the garbage. I also wanted a food processor because I know that I could use a food processor to make pastry crust if I didn't want to use my hand (at that time I didn't know that we were getting the mixer).
The week before Valentine's day hubby asked if we should get a PSP for OUR Valentine's Day present and I told him that we are not going to get anything for Valentine's Day anyway and why would he want a PSP all of a sudden. He won't have time to play with it during the week. He gave me a bunch of reason some of it was when we travel we can play games, watch movies, go online and we can even load tons of Stanley's picture in there. He said that we could make use of it when we go to Texas (I didn't think my manager would hesitate to approve my vacation). Since he gave me such a sweet surprise on Valentine's Day I told him that I would get that for him for his Valentine's Day present but he actually still insist that it's US. When ever one of us one something we would always use the word US so that we don't feel so bad buying it actually..LOL..I am always a sucker..when he does something nice for me even if it's just a small thing I will let him get away with murder..arghh but oh well at least I am able to use it too.
I better go get ready...I'm hungry now and hubby suggested that we go pak toh again. I told him that we should go McD's because I feel like some fast food and hubby said just like the first time we went out to eat?LOL..I'm also hoping that we don't need to spend more money this week and have explanation for our purchases huh..I guess having explanation for out purchases makes me feel less guilty because we kind off do need it right?*roll eyes*

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