Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I was getting ready to leave work yesterday evening when my head just started to hurt. I tried to ignore it and went home to do my thing. After dinner I was surfing on the computer for about 30minutes and still having the headache. I then decided to take an aspirin and head to bed. I went to bed at about 9pm and slept the whole night..I got up at about 5am feeling refresh but seeing that it's still so early I went back to bed which I should not have because it only made more tired. Anyway when my alarm first rang I was surprise that Stanley didn't start whining to be let out so I just pressed snooze and went back to bed. After a couple of times I decided to wake up to let him out of his crate but to my surprise I found him on the bed! I quickly woke his daddy up and asked him how come he was on our bed. Daddy said that he might have forgotten to lock his crate after several time questioning him to find out that he never did ask him to go to his crate. Daddy said that Stanley was just so comfortable sleeping between us and didn't move at all that he just left him on the bed..%^&..I told daddy that Stanley had ONE accident the other day and we have to go back on our training because he is not allowed to have even ONE accident..Apparently daddy ignored what I said! Daddy said that he's such a good boy that he didn't want to ask him to go back in his crate *faint*. I thought I was the only one spoiling him but apparently daddy he climbs over daddy's head too..I refuse to board Stanley here next month (if my vacation is approved) when we go over to my SIL's wedding in Texas because I will miss him and I feel bad if we did it. We took him from the shelter and I've done research that if we bored him it might traumatize him because he might think that we're abandoning him again therefore I decided that we will take him with us and bored him for a couple of days there but thank god SIL said that we can leave him there during the day therefore I think we don't even need to bored him....hooray..I am so happy and I'm just hoping that my vacation will be approved so I can actually go *fingers cross*.

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