Monday, February 18, 2008

Finding peace

I dislike office politics. I dislike people stabbing other people behind their back. I feel like if they have a problem with someone they should go to that person and talk to them. I hate it when someone is nice to you and the very same time back stabbing you. I know that it's part of life but all I want is a peaceful life. A job that I enjoy going to and a home that I feel comfortable. Sometimes things just don't come out as we want them to but deep inside me I believe that I am able to come to that point. I don't want to cause any controversy with anyone I just want to be happy and in peace. I'm thankful to have a wonderful family, hubby and a puppy. All of these things are the strength that keeps me going when I'm unhappy. We are face with many challenges everyday but I just want my challenges to be the minimum. Life should seem easier in a small town and a small group of people but it's not always the case.

I need to be more prepared to face challenges and to overcome it. I should not let things bother me but thing always end up taunting me and bothering me. All I can do is keep my thoughts away from the unhappy things and go on with my day. I want to be able to relax, maybe meditate and try and find peace. I hope that time will bring me more peace. I should not let something that I have no control of to bother me. I will try and I will try hard. Knowing that people that knows the real me and that loves me will support me and always be there for me. I’m happy. I hope that everyone else will have less “problems” that I have. I will try and be my happy self and not let it bother me. Look forward to things ahead of me. I just need to find the strength I need to let me go thru this.

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