Friday, February 22, 2008


I am just glad that the weekend is here. I can curl up in bed read a book or go on the computer to do what I like. I don’t need to face horrible and fake people around me. I can be in my comfort zone and be with the people I love. Life is full of challenges and we expect that but something is just not expected. Some people make life to be full of drama and they want other people involved in it. I just wish that they would ask if other people want to be involved in it before they start having you as one of the casts.

I am a person that shows my feeling. If I’m sad people will know I’m sad if I don’t like someone I won’t be rude to that person but I’ll not associate with them that’s just how I am. I know be nice to the person and behind their back stab them with a knife. I really truly have to learn hard to accept that there are A LOT of people that are fake and are just two faced bitch out there. I am saying bitch because all these people are mostly women. I as a women myself are just too shock to see the behavior of some of these women.

I have to not let them bother me and not let them spoil my weekend. What ever it is it can wait until Monday and be dealt with at work where is suppose to be and where it all started. I am also not going to let the problem taunt me or bother me.


Skwermy said...

Oh ya girl, I know how you feel... there are tons of them around me too. Just know that I am here for you too! Miss youlah *HUGS*

Sunshine said...

Thanks babe..Believe I really MISS a real person like you. Doesn't it sucks to live in another country sometimes?sigh..


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