Sunday, September 23, 2007

First day of Fall

Welcome Fall good bye Summer..I cannot believe Summer is OVER!!! I barely did anything this Summer. We didn't even go for ANY cycle ride. Poor A I know how much he miss riding his cycle. I hope that we would be able to ride on it to the cabin in the next few weeks because I know how much A wants to get out of here and go to the cabin. We didn't even go to the cabin at all this Summer *wink*..I'm happy but he's not therefore we will have to go in Fall before it gets really cold. The last time we went to the cabin was in March or April therefore you can see how much A misses his cabin.

I really cannot believe Fall is here. That means that end of next month would be Halloween, then my birthday *yeah*, then Thanksgiving, and then lastly Christmas..OMG..I cannot believe that the year is coming to an end so quickly..

This is going to be our first holiday with Stanley too..I wonder how will he be with my Christmas tree..Oh yeah..Stanley is currently sleeping in his crate every night and we feel like it's getting too small for him because we feel bad that he cannot really stretch out and he loves to do that therefore we/I've decided to get him a new crate..A says that he feels bad seeing Stanley not having enough room too so we are going to have to spend about $80 on his new crate..I told A that we will get it for him as his birthday present..and I said we still have to think of a Christmas present for him too. A looked and me and told me he's just a dog he don't need no present and he said that in my world Stanley would need it..LOL and YES I told him..I am just afraid that Stanley is going to ripe off the presents if I leave it underneath the tree but then I think we'll see how before actually leaving it there...

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