Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just to Complain..

OMG I'm so afraid I'm going to put on weight. I ate so much today that A said that if I don't stop I'm going to be FAT! I have not cooked Chinese cooking since my parents left and I had a huge craving for it since last night. I could not sleep because I was thinking about food!*faint* I even dreamt that I was eating rice when I finally fell asleep. So this morning I took out some vegetables or stuff that I had in the fridge and on the table and started chopping. I didn't have anything in mind of what I wanted to cook. I was starving and I just wanted to eat rice with something! I was going to open a can of chili tuna too but I forgot about it. I made mushroom cooked with tofu and eggplant,chili padi and beans with tom yam. Both tasted pretty good which was surprising because sometimes when I just whip something up in a hurry it might not taste the best. So I had a huge bowl of rice and a bunch of the vegetables. I was really full until 3pm something and I was bored but not that full ate a bunch again and then following that I ate chips because I felt like it!!*gosh* at about 8.45pm I stopped ironing and ate a plate of that AND some left over charcoal chicken!!I AM SUCH A PIG!!I hate PMS!!I feel so bad..so what ever I cooked today I barely have anything left over because I finished it in ONE DAY!arghh Oh yeah and I HATE IRONING. I would not iron my clothes for about 6-8mths every time I knew mom was going to be coming over because then she would iron my clothes for me. It's really horrible of me but I REALLY HATE IRONING and I suck at it! I don't think mom love to iron too but then she don't mind doing it and it keeps her busy while she's here. But because I want to wear all the new clothing I bought recently I have to iron it and wear it before the weather gets too cold..I spend about 1.5hrs ironing and it sucks! I don't like ironing and I'm not good at it..I should say I half ass ironed and it still took so long...

She looks happy ironing that's surely NOT ME!

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