Friday, September 7, 2007


I love my Stanley very much. Most of the time he's really cute and I give in to him but then because he's a Westie and a puppy he always get very excited when he sees other people or other dogs even other animals ie. rabbit etc. One day I found a scab by his neck and it wouldn't go away after a couple of days so I had to take him to visit the vet. The vet had to put a muzzle and and the nurse had to hold him down so they could take a look at his scab because he was moving everywhere. I have always wanted to get him a muzzle but A thinks is very cruel of me. I told him that the vet said is fine and it works wonders so I quickly went to the pet store and bought him one..LOVED it..LOL..I don't put it on him everyday. I only put it on him for about 5 minutes when he's barking..It's so funny he thinks that it's a toy and he'll come to me ever single time I take it out. I will put it on him and he'll try to take it out. Today he tried to take it out but could not and I was in the bedroom he then went outside and pout/lay down by himself on the kitchen floor.LOL..
This sounds really CRAZY but I found another Westie and I am waiting for the other person to send pictures. I am thinking of getting another one to accompany Stanley and EVERYONE else thinks its insane of us but A said if the other one looks exactly like Stanely we will get it. I'm not sure I guess we'll have to see because I cannot handle one I cannot imagine handling TWO!

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