Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My baby got a hair cut today..He looks smaller and different everytime after his hair cut. The groomer said he was not a good boy again when she tried to cut his nails..arghh...He hates it because we've tried doing it ourselves but never made it..
Remember me mentioning that daddy thinks I spoil Stanley too much??Guess what??We this week along we spend another close to $50 just on toys alone for him because he keeps chewing them and thus not being able to use it that much...He's such a little chewier/shredder! I don't know how much I've already spend on toys for him ever since we got him..We estimated we might have spend more than $1500 dollar just on him this few months...Gosh...He is a pretty lucky dog because other people that we know do not spend hardly ever on their dogs...I think dog food just about it but we keep buying him toys etc..he's got beds all over the house!!He's got TWO in our bedroom..One for him to lay on and rest one is in his kennel and he sleeps on it at night..I think he IS really spoiled and I think I've to put a STOP to buying stuff for him but I think I just need to get him a sweater and probably some boots and maybe that will be enough...*finger cross*..
It's bad enough his mommy and daddy lovvveesss to shop for themselves but it's worst now with him!!*faints*

*yawn* on his new bed...

*Yawn* after his hair cut and a long day at daddy's office...


Sass said...

Toshi hates getting his nails cut too. He won't bite or anything but he will flinch and if you grab on to it he will lick your hands till you get annoyed and let go!

Keigo on the other hand is really really good.

Apparently if you are watching tv or just lazing about doing nothing, continually stroke his paws so he will get used to his paws being touched.

Toshi is getting better and Keigo is just prove that that will work!

Sunshine said...

LOL..Your two dogs is a 100% better than Stanley...Ever single time he gets in from outside we wipe his paws and he still hates it..Don't know why...And he cannot sit still for even 5 min therefore I don't know how will I get to touch his paws...LOL..will try that menthod though...


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