Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm just a girl

I love shopping! I love shopping too much! A was going to the office supply shop to get some supplies he needed for one of his classes. One of the store was nearby it's calling my name to browse thru it...argghhhh..I cannot help it..I've been there in 2 weeks!!!*faint*..I told A that I'll just go over to the store and browse thru it quick and I should be back soon. I was walking back and he was done shopping..He was just walking out the door..He even bought a bunch of stuff for work..OMG I was holding a bag...Not only did I go to the store to browse I bought something..I even went to the fitting room to try a bunch of stuff..I bought another Ralph Lauren shorts..I know I have another one that is new too that I bought last year but I don't know where did I kept it..*faint* I have been tempting to look in one of the storage box that I put some of my new clothes in but keep forgetting`and the weather is getting freaking cold...Anyway back to my story.. he was like what did you buy??Err...just a pair of shorts..I even bought a pair of jeans well actually it's capri for a friend's kid..How can I not buy??They were having sale and the store was about to close. I had 20minutes..I was in a hurry...Not enough time too much good deals..*sigh* I think I'm a better shopper sometimes without disctraction...LOL...Was tempted to go again today but then I had to take a X to sell his car and we had a wonderful lunch together..Talked about college times etc..Miss just hanging out with my friends and speak my language...When X leaves I think I'll only be speaking Cantonese on the phone with my family...Hope that my Cantonese will not suck...*finger cross*...

BTW I have a friend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..She is designing her own jewelry (her website Soul Chic)..It's gorgeous...Please take a look and spread the word around...It's worth it..if I was there I would surely buy from her but I'll be doing then when I go home next time..LOL..p/s: I'm not paid to do the advertising. I'm doing it because I think she's doing a great job..


shern's mom said...

i'm also just a girl who sometimes shop a lil too much. haha..where do you live by the way?

Sunshine said...

I think ALL girls LOVVVEE to shop..LOL..I'm from KL but I'm currently living in the US..sob sob..


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