Saturday, September 8, 2007

Spoiled Stanley??

A says that Stanley is extremely spoiled by me. Ever since we got him; when I go to the store I'll surely go to the pet department to see if I can get anything for Stanley. A has already warned me NUMEROUS times that I am not to get anything for Stanley anymore. Today we were on the way to the office with Stanley and A said that he wanted to stop by the store to get some stuff for his truck. I obviously made my way to the pet department when A was not looking. I saw some rawhides and I wanted to get it for Stanley because we didn't take any of his toys or rawhide with us. I told A that Stanley has a few left at home and we will need to get more for him..opss...I wanted to get some for him so that he has something to chew on when we are at the office. It used to take Stanley about a month to chew his rawhide up but then he's getting really good at it that it'll only take him about a week to finish it. I was told that rawhides might not be very good for him and I discuss it with A and he said that he's had many and he chews it up properly so that should not be a problem for him so that's why I would only get him more. Moreover rawhide is supposed to freshen his breath (it's like brushing his teeth) that is why I don't mind getting it for him. It gives him something to chew on instead on stuff I don't want him to be getting his mouth on. I could actually brush his teeth but then I really cannot imagine the night mare of trying to brush his teeth *faint*. Secretly I think that A don't really care if I buy stuff for Stanley because he himself spoils him like crazy too LOL....Many people says that we are already spoiling our first puppy so darn much that they cannot imagine if we ever have a kid!!!...

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