Thursday, September 13, 2007


When we got Stanley from the shelter they were feeding him purina puppy food. This is the very first time I have a pet let alone a DOG we went to the store and bought purina puppy chow. I was told that it's a pretty good brand and since he was already eating purina at the shelter we will just feed him that. I spoke with some other people that have dogs and some feeds their dogs really cheap dog food and some purina too..Not until I spoke with skwermy the other day and found out that she feeds adorable toshi nutro..Nutro is one of the better quality dog food out there. I was reading the review I found at the pet store's website that nutro is that good..We just got Stanley another big bag of dog food two weeks ago. It takes him about 4 months to finish that bag therefore I think I'll buy adult nutro food for him then..Anything else I am suppose to know about having a dog?? I just want to give him good quality stuff and not making too big of a hole at my bank account. I hope that purina is not all that crappy since I've been feeding him that...

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Skwermy said...

I was told to feed Yoshi Eukanuba too but he was not doing too good on that - bad breath, and some other digestion issues (and yes, we mixed the food gradually before switching him over). You need to feed him gradually when you switch over and go with what he reacts the best with. Loves ya!


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