Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How was the weekend?? Mine was alright..pretty busy trying to get some odds and ends done before the winter comes..Lawn mowed the grass at the back yard on Friday and on Saturday spend most of the day trying to get stuff for the new basement door. Sunday A had to do his homework for school while I watched my movies/played online and prepared dinner.

Top: German Potato Salad, Left: Charcoal Chicken and Brats, Right: French Beans Casserole

German Potato Salad

Homemade Apple Pie (Even the Crust is homemade)LOL


Sass said...

whats a german potato salad?

and your apple pie looks absolutely delicious!!!

Sunshine said...

Thanks!It has potato, green olives and bacon it in..It's cooked with some spices and apple cider vinegar..I absolutely love it..
I don't know how the apple pie taste but apperantly it taste good..


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