Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's hubby's birthday next Friday and I've been thinking of doing something really fun because it's 8-8-8. Last Year 7-7-7 we had out wedding reception up North and therefore I thought 8-8-8 would be an auspicious date to do something fun too. I asked hubby yesterday if we should have a small party to celebrate his Birthday and obviously being him he said no. He's not someone that cares to celebrate his birthday.
Anyway ever since I've been with him I've always baked him a birthday cake every year without fail even when we went on a vacation one year. This year is no exception but I want to make something more "special" with the baking tools that he bought for me last year like with cute decorations etc but since I've not been practicing or used any of these tools I'm not sure if I'm even able to do it. Last year I made a carrot cake for his birthday and I'm thinking of doing the same thing or maybe chocolate cake because that's what every body likes but I feel like branching out and trying another kind but in doubt because I'm not sure what other kind to make. I plan to make something yummy yet healthy which healthy food is not always yummy.
I've also not thought about any presents for him yet. He wants so many thing some more than I can afford now but some I think that it's of no use to him because I'm practical I like to get practical gift. I know at one point he was looking at some messenger bags from LV and Coach maybe I'll get him one. When I bought my coach bag weeks ago we saw a nice briefcase and messenger bags too but I think the messenger bag would be more of use to him than the briefcase if he uses it.
It's so difficult to shop for me. They can be picky yet they said that they are simple. I know he won't be asking for any tools because he mentioned to me the other day that he has way too many tools and needs to get ride of some so tools can be out of the questions temporary. Maybe...I'll just take him with to the mall and let him choose himself just like what he normally does to me..;)


Shern's mom said...

Your hubby is just like Shern's daddy. Birthday is not big deal people. LOL.

How nice of you to bake a cake every year for your hubs. I don't bake, so he only get a handmade card from me. Haha.

Happy Birthday to your hubby :)

Sunshine said...

hahah..I think all Men are like that..very seldom they will want to celebrate their birthday.

Homemade cards are so meaningful..see I'm not creative it's difficult for me to think about the decoration for the cake what more a card!!



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