Saturday, July 26, 2008


I think I’m pretty ridiculous at time. When I was in Malaysia we normally don’t wear shoes in the house because the bottoms of the shoes are normally dirty and we don’t want to track dirt into the house. Over here now people always wear their shoes in the house. I have this thing for dirty floors. I hate dirty floors so I cannot have people wearing shoes in my house but then it’s so difficult to tell guest to take of their shoes when they come into your house. When I was living up north, almost ever floor is carpeted so if people do wear shoes in to our house I’ll have to frantically vacuum the carpet after they leave. Towards the end I just didn’t really care because when ever people come and look at the house I know they don’t take of their shoes so I actually quit vacuuming the carpets after every showing. Over here in Texas I actually have the luxury of having tiles in some of the area of the house. Some guests do still wear their shoes in to the house and it’s really awkward for me or hubby to ask people to take of their shoes so I just let it go but then once they leave the house I’ll start vacuuming and even mopping the floors again. Some say that I’m really obsessed with the cleanliness of the floor but I just cannot help myself! I just don’t like to step on to a dirty floor and track the dirt ever where around the house and thus I cannot really help myself. I can sometimes vacuum the floor up to 2-4 times a day depending on how many times we have guest in the house.
I think if I ever start working here I need to get a part time maid or something. Does everyone else have the same problem with this or is it just me? I feel so mean because I know that guest don’t mean to dirty the floor or what ever they are just use to wearing shoes in the house and some might not feel comfortable taking of their shoes in other people’s house. I mentioned to hubby that our next house we are going to have to change the flooring of the house because I want to be able to easily clean the house and not just vacuum the house. I find that vacuuming the carpet is not the cleanest method and we’ll have to get a carpet cleaner if we have fully carpeted house. Hubby and I both love non carpeted floor because it’s much easier to clean anyway. So is it just me being too obsessed with the floor or there are people out there like me??


Sass said...

hmmm since i moved to jakarta i have a habit of wearing shoes in the house! i only take them off in my room.

when kristin visited me she kept saying how she feels its so weird wearing shoes in my house!

Sunshine said... have a maid to clean your floor!!I AM THE MAID!!Moreover I don't like to get the floor dirty because at this place I don't wear a home slipper. I use to wear a home slipper up North because it was cold and to warm my feet.
I don't mind wearing shoes/slippers around but I just cannot stand looking at the dirt!

mom2ashley said...

I don't think you are obsessed with clean floors. I thin it's just a difference in culture. I cannot stand dirty floors in the house. Don't like that sticky feeling when I step on the floor with my bare feet. Plus, I have toddlers and it's essential that the floors are clean so that we don't carry all kinds of dirt from outside to inside of our home...


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