Monday, July 28, 2008

Houston Farmers Market

The Farmer's Market up North only opens in the Summer for several months. I would go to the market ever two weeks to try and stock up on some fresh vegetables grown by the local farmers. Over here in Houston I was told that the farmer's market open year round seven days a week selling seasonal items. I find that most items sold here are mainly from Mexico. This is my second time at the Houston Farmer's Market. It reminds me of going to Pasar Tani, or the wet market in Malaysia. The only thing is they don't sell meat or sea food at the farmer's market.

Some of the stuff apart from Fruits and vegetables that was sold there. I think it's Mexican stuff.

The vegetables

More vegetables

Watermelon galore..Mangoes is in season too.

This is a very popular farmer's market. Apparently it has been here for many years now. SIL's husband use to go there with his mom when he was a little boy so when he went there with us the first time he said that it brought a lot of memories to him. When I go back to Malaysia and my parents took me to the local pasar tani/wet market it also did bring back a ton of memories to me..sob sob..I do miss the stinky icky market there..weird huh?

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