Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm now all wet. It's been raining ever since we got up and it'll be raining almost the whole day today because of Hurricane Dolly. Thank god we didn't get hit by the hurricane but just the effects of getting the hurricane near us. Anyway Stanley doesn't like to go outside when it's raining. He's like then even when we lived up North. He don't have any problems with the snow but rain NO THANK YOU! I know he needs to go to the bathroom but he refused to go in the yard because it's raining so I had to pull him out there and stand there with him resulting in me getting all wet until he went!
He's been a pretty good boy. Hubby's family all loves him. Even his aunt that don't care for smaller dogs loves him. His aunt loves big dogs and they actually had a dog that is almost as big as a human. Apparently his uncle would play with George and he would actually have his uncle's whole head in his mouth!That's how big George was! Like I mentioned in the previous posts before that Stanley is very attached to me. He'll go where I go but as soon as hubby gets back from work he'll be sticking to hubby and if hubby ignores him he'll come right back to me. Normally he'll only stick back to me when it's bed time where he'll lay on me.
We need to start looking for a vet for him too just in case. I know there is a animal hospital near where we live but I'm not sure if we want to go there. His aunt and uncle goes to another one which is not as close to us as to them. I want to find someone that I feel comfortable with like Stanley's other doctor that we had up North.
We need to find time to take Stanley to hubby's aunt and uncle's house too..They how two dogs and I want Stanley to have a chance to play with other dogs so he has a chance to interact with other dogs.

This picture was taken when we were still living up North. For some reason Stanley loves to lay/sit where the sun is shining.

This was taken when Stanley is playing with his new toy that hubby insisted to get for him from IKEA which mind you he already destroyed the toy but luckily the damage is not that great so I managed to sew it back..let's see how long will this ball last. It's Stanley's favorite toy now and he'll only play with that and nothing else.

I like this picture because when hubby and I are getting ready for to go to bed and Stanley already made himself comfortable on the bed on hubby's side AND on hubby's pillow!hahaha..hubby would be like "why is he always on my side?" I am wondering whether is it because when hubby is not around I'll be doing stuff on my side and Stanley would be sleeping on his side I guess maybe he's just used to sleeping on hubby's side.

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