Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time to Ponder....

I was talking to hubby on our way back from the Asian grocery store and I realize something that never occurred to me although its really obvious! When I was in Malaysia, we would purposely go to the more expensive hypermarket so that we can buy imported food ie cereal, chips etc. Now that I'm in the States I still do buy them because they are sold every where but I have to purposely look for Asian grocery store so that I can buy food from back home. I was just wondering whether was I too ignorant to care about our local items or it is more important to me to eat local food more because I'm far away from home that I feel the need to indulge in them so that I feel closer to home. I remember going to get bubble tea with pearl almost every time I visit the mall with my friends and at that time it cost RM3.00 or a little more/less don't remember but I'm sure the price has gone up since the price of everything else has gone up anyway. When I was still living up North I had to pay almost 5USD for a glass of bubble tea with pearl. Am I crazy yes but I still do it because I love the taste and it's like a treat for me once in a while. I found some places here in Houston that actually sell them and taste pretty good and it's only 4USD depending on how much is it back home I think it's a deal compared to up North!
I'm just thinking how ungrateful I can be when I was living back home to not appreciate all this things or this is just because I'm a human and everyone is the same. Do we not know what's precious until we don't have it? Do we not know how good we have it until we don't have it? How can we learn to appreciate the things/surroundings we have before we lose them one day?

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