Friday, July 18, 2008


When I was working I used to be really excited that it's FRIDAY! It means that I can have the weekend doing what I love to do most. Now that I'm not working I'm also excited that it's Friday because it means that hubby can spend the weekend with me..hahaha..There is so many thing to see and places to go down here. We have only been here about 3 weeks but it's already feel like home and I'm getting used to this place. Now I'm just waiting to get my resume approved/changed by hubby's aunt+uncle's friend and then I can start applying for jobs. Their friend used to work at the recruiting office and she can offer suggestions to make my resume better.*finger cross*
I'm also hoping that this weekend we can hit some malls because so far I've not yet visited any malls.
Last weekend we went for some dim sum with hubby's aunt+uncle and then we went to Louisiana with SIL and her hubby plus his side of the family. It was SIL's MIL's birthday and they invited us to the casino and since we haven't been there before we decided to join them (sob sob no we didn't win but it was an experience though). I felt so bad because Stanley was in his crate for such a long time and I forgot to give him a snack in the afternoon before we left so by the we got back which was about midnight because there was an accident on the highway Stanley was so hungry and I bet he had to go to the bathroom really bad too. I wished I would have asked aunt/uncle to watch him for us then that would not happened! I'm such a bad mummy! I need to find where the dog park is too so that we can try and bring Stanley there this weekend. Since we have a fenced yard this two days I've been trying to take Stanley out without putting on his leash. He is not used to not having a leash and the first few times he just stood in front of the door like his feet was glued to the ground. I've let him run loose up north before but he'll run really far away but this time I noticed that he hasn't really done that yet I'm not sure whether is it due to the fact that he's not used to it or he hasn't seen any rabbits/squirrels to chase around.

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