Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seafood Cook Off

Everyone knows that I love to cook and bake but I love to eat more! I love to go to different restaurant and try different kinds of food. In America I might come across someone that’s really gutsy to try different kind of food that may seem foreign to them for example chicken feet or even fish (with skin)..Americans normally only eat fish fillet and when I bought and made the whole fish everyone was grossed out. They were surprise I eat almost every part of the fish including the head which is the yummiest part of the body.
I love fresh sea food. When I was living up North I rarely had the opportunity to eat seafood because their seafood are all frozen and I don’t care for frozen seafood now that I’m living down South I’ve had the opportunity again to eat fresh seafood!
Y was telling me about the Great American Seafood Cook Off which would be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m thinking of suggesting to hubby to go there for the cook off because I think it’ll an eye opener for us. There would be different chefs competing and cooking all sorts of seafood. The cook off will begin Aug 2-3 at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center within the Louisiana Foodservice EXPO and the Gulf Coast Seafood Pavilion. The admission fee is only $10 so it’s not like its super expensive. Does anyone care to join us?
Since I’m not joining the cook off let me share with you one of my seafood recipe. One of my favorite and simplest seafood recipes is seafood tom yam. It’s so easy to make and it taste so yummy especially on a cold cold winter night (hopefully I don’t have to worry about that anymore). I just pour some chicken stock in a pot and put some tom yam paste together with it to boil. When it comes to a boil I’ll put in any seafood I have available, some tofu, tomatoes and onions and bring it a boil again. And there is my seafood tom yam. Pour over cooked noodles or rice. Quick, easy, simple and yummy!

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