Thursday, July 24, 2008

The fun part of relocating

After having to spent about an hour getting the car inspected, hubby spending half a day at the court house to change the title of the car to Texas title or something like that, spending a couple of hours at the DMV(Department of Motor Vehicle) and spending a few hundred dollars our car is finally registered in Texas and we sort of have our Texas drivers license. They don't issue you the drivers license straightaway here; they give you are temporary one and they will send you the card in about 6 weeks! SIX WEEKS!In Wisconsin we get our drivers license there and then and we don't even need a car inspection! I'm not going to star comparing the good and bad of the two states but from what I know it doesn't take all that long to actually process the card itself! I'm not sure why are they telling us SIX WEEKS! They even took our Wisconsin drivers license because we are not allow to have two drivers license in the state of Texas.
Hubby weren't too happy about it because we are starting to look at houses and if we find one that we like we might need to go through with the loan process etc and without the drivers license it can be a little difficult. However I'm hoping that they don't actually take exactly SIX weeks but it is the government though god knows how long it'll take!*roll eyes* we all know how efficient can government workers be.

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