Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our journey....

Finally I am able to find time, sit down, relax and update my rusty old blog. I would like to thank everyone for being with us through our journey of moving and giving me the support that I need. It's been a quick but long journey and I'm glad that we have arrived at our destination in one piece!
Our journey to our new place have been a mixture of stress, excitement and fun. We have had to deal with a lot of thing at our old house before we can officially leave. When we got here we had to deal with getting hooked up with stuff. We were actually without electricity for THREE whole days due to the fact that there was a day of public holiday and they actually screwed up something in their system. Hubby was pretty pissed about it but there was nothing much we could really do. Can you imagine 3 days without AIR! Apart from that we had to wait 5 days to get our Internet hooked up which was not a big deal but we were just not used to not having Internet at home. We have been visiting and going places ever since we got here. Thing here are a little more expensive than what we were paying before but there is nothing we can do about it. I'm loving this place and all I need to do now is start looking for jobs!(That's the hard part!)
We've managed to almost furnished the essentials that we need for the house. We got our bed, TV and the refrigerator the first couple of days we were here and a week after that we managed to buy a washer and dryer. We still need to look for a couch and a study table for hubby but that can be done later.
Stanley has been a really good boy through the entire journey. He's just been really attached to us especially me. We are wondering whether is it because of the change of environment. He's been sleeping a lot too but we think that's because of the heat in Houston. I was unpacking the stuff for the kitchen the first few days we were here and the funny thing about him was he just wanted to be there with me and since his crate is near the kitchen area he went in and took his naps which he would never go in to his crate without being told but ever since we moved here he's been going in his crate more. I just thought that it's funny but I was told that maybe because we are in a new environment and his crate is the place where he's "used" to that's why he's going in there willingly more.
Moving can be fun but it cost a lot of money actually. We had to spend a bunch of money before we left, for the journey and now here. We have to refurnished our new place because we didn't have any room to take any of our furniture with us. With me not being working and trying to save money for the wedding in Malaysia and getting another house here we'll just have to make do with what we can for the mean time. I'm luckily at this point we only have Stanley and not a baby to think about too..Hubby and I talked about it maybe in the next couple of years but we'll see because I'm happy at where we are currently actually..
p/s: maybe in the next couple of years I'll have a little girl friend for baby shern..*wink wink* that's also if he's not taken or have a ton of girl friends at that

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